Important JFK Assassination Authors / Researchers / Investigators

Judyth Vary Baker
author of "Me and Lee; How I Met, Loved and Lost Lee Harvey Oswald". Judyth Vary Baker met and fell in love with Lee Harvey Oswald during the summer of 1963 while working together on a top secret mission to create a bio-weapon (cancer) the CIA hoped to use to kill Fidel Castro. "Me and Lee" is, without a doubt, the most important book on the assassination of President Kennedy. (book) / (audio book)

Wim Dankbaar

Professor James H. Fetzer
has authored many books on JFK's assassination (books)

Robert Groden
has authored a number of important books on JFK's assassination. In 1975, he appeared on Geraldo Rivera's TV show and for the first time showed America the Zapruder film on live TV. Was Oliver Stone's chief photographic consultant for the movie "JFK" (books)

Ed Haslam
author of "Dr. Mary's Monkey", Ed Haslam never intended to write a book about JFK's assassination. He was simply researching medical experiments that had taken place in his home town of New Orleans. But during his research, he discovered the secret bio-weapon project that Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald were working on during the summer of 1963, in New Orleans. Fascinating and insightful!! (book) / (audio book)

Chauncey Holt
author of "Self Portrait of a Scoundrel". (Autobiography). Chauncey Holt was a very interesting character. He worked for the mafia, the CIA and by his own admission, was one of the "three tramps" found in a railroad car in Dealey Plaza immediately after JFK assassination. Click here to learn more about Chauncey Holt.

Mark Lane
authored many books on JFK's assassination (books)

David Lifton
author of "Best Evidence" one of the most important books on the assassination (book) (video)

Jim Marrs
author of "Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy" (book) / (audio book)

Phillip F Nelson
author of "LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination" (book) / (audio book)

Larry Rivera
an up and coming researcher who has used facial recognition technology to show that Lee Harvey Oswald was standing on the steps of the Texas School Book Depository (first floor) when JFK was assassinated. The Warren Commission had said the person captured in the photo, known as Algens 6, was Oswald's co-worker Billy Lovelady. But Rivera's work shows it was actually Oswald. In the first video link, (video), Rivera gives background on the technology he used to establish it was Oswald captured in the photo. This second video link shows an animated gif Rivera created that clearly shows it was Oswald, not Lovelady.  (video)

Zack Shelton
Former FBI agent and Chicago Organized Crime Strike Force member whose work led to the discovery of James Files. (article) (video)

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