What JFK Assassination Witness Have Said

Judyth Vary Baker - Lee Harvey Oswald's mistress / author of "Me and Lee"

Madeline Brown - LBJ's mistress

Julia Ann Mercer - witnessed Jack Ruby take a rifle up the Grassy Knoll just before the assassination

Beverly Oliver - aka "The Babushka Lady" / Grassy Knoll Witness / Knew Jack Ruby

Jean Hill - Grassy Knoll witness

Gordon Arnold - Grassy Knoll witness

Ed Hoffman - Grassy Knoll witness

Sam Holland - Grassy Knoll witness

Lee Bowers - Grassy Knoll witness

Grassy Knoll Witnesses - 40 assassination witnesses who claim shots came from Grassy Knoll

James Tague - bystander who was wounded at Dealey Plaza by bullet that richocheted off curb

Victoria Adams - on TSBD stairway at time of assassination and never saw Lee Harvey Oswald

Sandra Styles - on TSBD stairway at time of assassination and never saw Lee Harvey Oswald

Buell Wesley Frazier - drove Oswald to work on November 22, 1963

Roger Craig - important witness and Dallas policeman

Marion Baker - Dallas motorcycle patrolman saw Oswald on 2nd floor of TSBD within 90 seconds

Dr. Robert McClellan - treated JFK at Parkland Hospital

Patricia Hutten - ER nurse who treated JFK at Parkland Hospital

Bill Harper - found piece of JFK's skull in Dealey Plaza which became known as the "Haper Fragment"

Marita Lorenz - had been Fidel Castro's mistress; later recruited by CIA to kill Castro; drove to Dallas with the JFK assassination team

Jack Ruby - murdered Lee Harvey Oswald; in 1947, Ruby worked for then Congressman Richard Nixon.

E. Howard Hunt - CIA Agent;
gave deathbed confession to his son regarding his involvement

James Files - confessed gunman who claims to have fired fatal headwound

Don Adams - FBI agent who knows that Oswald was innocent

Malcolm Kilduff - press secretary announcing JFK's death, caused by wound to side of head

Interesting Chronology of Events Regarding JFK's Assassination

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