JFK Assassination: Evidence of Conspiracy and Cover-Up

Lee Harvey Oswald

Photo of Oswald on cover of Life magazine was faked (video)

Oswald's palm print on rifle / ink on his dead hands (article)

Oswald's cell mate on 11/22/63 talks (video)

Oswald couldn't have done the shooting (video) | (article)

State Department loaned Oswald money to return from Russia and was not prosecuted (article)

Buell Wesley Frazier talks of seeing package Oswald said was curtain rods (video)

JFK Autopsy Cover-up

The JFK autopsy cover-up (article)

Xrays of JFK's skull taken before his death don't match xrays of his skull after his death

Best Evidence (video)

Single Bullet Theory / Magic Bullet Theory

Congressman Gerald Ford "moved" JFK's back wound up five inches

Governor John Connolly debunked the single bullet theory (article)

The Other Magic Bullet (video)

Magic bullet / single bullet theory debunked (video) / (video) / (video)

No blood or tissue was found on pristine bullet (video)

Warren Commission / Warren Report

The Warren Commission's failed investigation

House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy and that there likely was a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll (article)

Zapruder film
Life magazine buys Zapruder film (article)

Zapruder film hoax (video)

Doug Horne - Zapruder film mystery (video)

Dino Bruggioni
, top CIA photo analyst talks of seeing the "original" Zapruder film (video)

Zapruder film - sign posts pointing to alteration (article)

More evidence of Zapruder film alteration (video)

Physicist John Costella talks about Stemmons Freeway sign being added to Zapruder film (video)

LBJ ducked before gunfire started in motorcade (video)

Assassination Evidence Manufactured / Suppressed

Evidence the FBI lied in their reports about the assassination (video)

JFK files still being witheld (article)

Oswald's paraffin test (article)

Palm print on rifle / ink on Lee's dead hands (article)

Bullet holes in JFK's limo (video)

Photographic evidence of a bullet hole in the windshield (article)

JFK's limo sent to Detroit on 11/25/63 to have windshield replaced (video)

JFK Witnesses Murdered

Over 100 JFK witnesses were murdered (article)

Mysterious deaths of JFK witnesses (article)


Fletcher Prouty
...was a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, and served as the Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy years. He was in charge of providing military support for the clandestine activities of the CIA.

- On JFK's lack of protection in Dallas (video)

- Speaks about his book, "The Secret Team" (video)

Lyndon Baines Johnson / LBJ

Evidence LBJ was behind the plot to kill JFK (video)

How LBJ killed JFK (video)

LBJ rescinded Kennedy's policy to end Viet Nam war just four days after JFK was assassinated. (article)

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby talks about his motive for killing Lee Harvey Oswald (video)

Jack Ruby saying truth will never be known, and this wouldn't have happened had LBJ not been President (video)

Jack Ruby background (article)

Jack Ruby worked for Congressman Richard Nixon (article)

Evidence that Jack Ruby knew Lee Harvey Oswald (video) / (video)

Jack Ruby was seen taking a rifle case up Grassy Knoll prior to assassination (video)

Other Possible Conspirators

Party the night before the assassination held in Dallas at home of Clint Murchison. In attendence were J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, LBJ, Madeline Brown, H.L. Hunt, Sid Richardson, John J. McCloy (video)

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (video)

Evidence LBJ was behind the plot to kill JFK (video)

CIA Director Allen Dulles (article)

Mafia Boss Sam Giancana (article)

Mafia Boss Santos Traficante (article)

Mafia Boss Carlos Marcelo (article)

Mafia associate James Files (claims to have fired fatal headshot that killed JFK) (video)

Police Officer Roscoe White (article) (video)

Marita Lorenz was Fidel Castro's mistress; later recruited by CIA to kill Castro; drove to Dallas with the JFK assassination team (video)

Fake Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza (article)

Jack Ruby was seen taking a rifle case up Grassy Knoll prior to assassination (video)

Mysterious behavior of John Liggett (video)

Forensic expert Lois Gibson identifies 3 Tramps (video)

Umbrella man / radio man (video)

George H. W. Bush - CIA (article)

George DeMorinshildt? (article)

Charles Harrelson (Woody Harrelson's father) (article)